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Who We Are

About Oni

We believe in the beauty of every moment. We believe every story is worth telling - and hearing. We believe in being fully present. Wherever you are right now.

Founded for you

Inspired by her family’s industry leading jewelry business, Oni was imagined by Devanshi Kapadia as a way to change the luxury jewelry market, creating lasting collections that leave space for trend changes, mood shifts, and endless personal growth.

Female founded

We are led by our founder, Devanshi, and more than 50% of our management is women.

No Retail Markup

We deliver designer jewelry from our factory straight to you, no markups involved!

High Standards

RJC Certified

Oni adheres to all responsible jewelry practices, starting from our sourcing process all the way to manufacturing and retail. Our parent company Natasha Creations has upheld this standard over the last 9 years.
We are proud to announce that our factory is 20% solar powered.

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our craftsmanship

Every piece of Oni Jewelry is a true work of art and testament to high quality craftsmanship. We not only work on the individual detailing of every piece but also ensure that it is represented by the finest material, gemstones & enameling work you will ever see.